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About Me

Who am I?


Being "of an age," I've been a few places. I was born in Portland, Oregon and here I am back in my hometown. From Los Angeles, CA to Kansas City, MO to St. Paul, MN with a side trip to Hudson, WI, I can say I've seen a lot.

My life has been interesting and given me many interesting incidents to write about. I've come across a wide variety of characters to drawn from and mix into new characters.

As you peruse this site I hope you draw your own inspiration.

My writing roots


As a young girl I read voraciously. Over the years my tastes changed and with it so did my stories. 

It wasn't until I'd jumped in and written a novel that I realized I needed a lot of training.

I searched online writing sites and stuck with one that gave me some personal attention. took me in and encouraged me to write, take review classes and submit stories to contests.

Since I joined in 2007 to today, I've had 6 stories published and one novel. I'm working to republish it and add a new novel. 

You can find my writing on

My style


I'm often asked "What genre do you write?" 


I qualify that to fiction. Whatever story or prompt catches my attention, that's what I write about.

I will post a story on this website now and then so you can read and tell me what my style is.

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Christina Weaver